Arts in Schools


Every year Chorlton High School runs a programme of free Arts in Schools events as part of the Chorlton Arts Festival.

This year our programme includes puppet theatre, junk instrument drumming workshops, street dance sessions and a whole host of other events in the Blue Box Theatre and out at primary schools. This will allow 5000 children in Chorlton to experience a range of arts during the school day.

Places are limited for all daytime activities so pre-booking is essential.
Please contact David Prophet at Chorlton High School on: 0161 882 1150
or email


Events during the day


Weds 20 May

Drumming Up Enjoyment
Urban Strawberry Lunch

A one-hour workshop exploring percussion techniques, call and response, improvisation, and solo and ensemble playing. USL specialises in playing instruments created from waste and found materials. A plastic barrel becomes a drum; a shop dummy’s leg becomes a guitar; a magnet becomes an amplifier

Suitable age group - Years 3 & 4

Blue Box Theatre  |  9:30–10:30am & 11am–12 noon


Thurs 21 May

The Nutcracker
Cornelius & Jones Original Productions

Adapted from the story by Hoffman, the play takes place in a toyshop in 19th century Germany. Reality gradually gives way to dream-like fantasy as the audience is led into a series of amazing adventures. The imaginative use of toys, automata and puppets makes this one hour show particularly magical!

Suitable age group - Years 1 & 2

Blue Box Theatre  |  9:30–10:30am & 11am–12 noon


The Comedy Connection:
Big Comedy Shop

A one-hour workshop exploring comedy through games, characterisation and sketches. In the workshop we learn to express more freely, build confidence and find our own voice through performance-based exercises. Comedy is truth

Suitable age group – Years 5 & 6

Blue Box Theatre  |  12:45–1:45pm & 2–3pm


Fri 22 May

Street Moves
Company Fierce

Company Fierce creates some of the brightest and brashest dance-theatre performance in Greater Manchester and beyond. In this one-hour workshop, students will work with the funky, urban beats of today’s music. Popping, locking, swift footwork and isolations of body parts are what give street dance its gritty edge and will get the dancers rocking and bopping!

Suitable age group – Years 5 & 6

Blue Box Theatre  |  9:30–10:30am & 11am–12 noon


I Can Sing A Rainbow
Barlow Hall, Brookburn, Chorlton CofE, Chorlton Park, Oswald Road, St Ambrose & St John’s Primary Schools

Year 4 students from primary schools across Chorlton unite to sing a selection of songs from Manchester Music Service’s ‘Singing in Schools’ programme.

Suitable age group: Year 4

Blue Box Theatre  |  12.30–2.30pm


Events in the evening


In addition to the events available for children to watch in the daytime, they also take to the stage themselves. Details of children’s performances at the Blue Box Theatre are below.

Tickets will be on sale from the beginning of May from Chorlton High School
0161 882 1150


Mon 18 May

‘The Tempest’ – Dance, Drama & Music Project

Shakespeare’s magical comedy is re-interpreted in this dance, drama & music production, featuring over 200 children from Chorlton.

Blue Box Theatre  |  7:30pm  |  £5/£3


Tue 19 May

‘The Tempest’ – Dance, Drama & Music Project

See above

Blue Box Theatre  |  7:30pm  |  £5/£3


Wed 20 May

Chorlton Young Musician of the Year 2009
The Final

Students from across Chorlton showcase their musical prowess in a bid to become Chorlton Young Musician of the Year 2009.

Blue Box Theatre  |  7:30pm  |  £5/£3


Details of events at the Blue Box Theatre on Thursday 21 and Friday 22 May can be found in the main performance programme.


Throughout the week in local primary schools

Act Up! Drama Workshops

Drama students from Chorlton High School deliver a one-hour practical workshop to Years 5 and 6 students, using improvisation skills to explore issues around the transition from primary to secondary school.

Tues 19 May: Morning or Afternoon


Rhythm of Life Music Workshops

Music students from Chorlton High School deliver a one-hour workshop around either rhythm or voice for Years 3 and 4.

Wed 20 May: Morning or Afternoon


Happy Feet Dance Workshops

Dance students from Chorlton High School perform and deliver a one-hour workshop in your school to encourage Years 3 and 4 students to develop their dance skills.

Fri 22 May: Morning or Afternoon


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