Thursday 14 May

7.30pm  |  Festival Focus Launch: Songs For The Bath Tub / Mostly Toast  |  Wilbraham St Ninian’s Church

8pm  |  Classical Launch: Manchester Consort: Dido And Aeneas  |  St Clement’s Church


Friday 15 May

6–9pm  |  Exhibition Previews – see Visual Arts programme  |  Various locations

7.30pm  |  Musica Per: Music For Ivan  |  St Werburgh’s Church

7.30pm  |  Mccully @ Manky Poets  |  Chorlton Library Meeting Room

7.30pm  |  Eco Fashion Show In Partnership With Oxfam  |  St Clement’s Church

8pm  |  Ahha! Theatre Company: Big Cheese  |  The Lloyds Hotel (Upstairs) Cancelled

8.30pm  |  The Disappeared, Ash Mountain and DJ Rob  |  Iguana

9pm  |  VSS Sound System: Born Fire Brave  |  Abode

9pm  |  Late Night CAF: Lunar Coup  |  The Lloyds Hotel


Saturday 16 May

10–11.30am  |  Manchester Music Service  |  Blue Box Theatre

10.30–12.30pm  |  Arts And Crafts Coffee Morning @ St Werburgh’s  |  St Werburgh’s Church

11–1pm  |  Children’s Flick Cinema: Wallace And Gromit – Curse Of The Were Rabbit  |  St Clement’s Church Youth Centre

11.30–1.30pm  |  Writing Workshop With Adéle Geras  |  Chorlton Library Meeting Room

12–4pm  |  Festival Saturday: Launch Event  |  St Clement’s Church

1–2pm;  |  Music At Lunchtime: The Coupland Brass Quintet  |  Chorlton Methodist Church

7.30pm  |  Claire Mooney  |  ‘Shed’ @ Creative Recycling

7.30pm  |  Crystal Chords: One Voice  |  St Clement’s Church

7.30pm  |  Duodecimo: Sacred And Profane  |  St Werburgh’s Church

8pm  |  North Face Theatre Company: Be My Baby  |  The Lloyds Hotel (Upstairs)

9pm  |  The New Labour Club  |  The Spread Eagle (Downstairs)

9pm  |  Heritage Survival Band  |  The Lloyds Hotel

9.30pm  |  Late Night CAF: Paula Darwish And The Country And Eastern Band  |  Iguana


Sunday 17 May

10.30am  |  Festival Eucharist  |  St Clement’s Church

12 noon  |  Festival Mass  |  Our Lady and St John’s Church

2–4pm  |  Playback Theatre: Drama Improvisation Workshop  |  St Clement’s Church

3–4.30pm  |  Chorlton Meadows Storywalk  |  Chorlton Meadows

4–6pm  |  Everybody Salsa: Dance Class  |  Chorlton Conservative Club

6–8pm  |  Meeting Coty: Poetry and Literature Event  |  The Lloyds Hotel (Upstairs)

6–10pm  |  Freedom Principle and The Noise Upstairs  |  Wilbraham St Ninian’s Church

7.30pm  |  Frederic Steinbruchel and Delphine Hensler: Recital  |  St Werburgh’s Church

8pm  |  Wyllie Longmore: All The World’s A Stage  |  St Clement’s Church

8pm  |  First Stage Musical Theatre Company  |  The Irish Association Club

8pm  |  Stargazy Pie  |  Abode

8pm  |  The Top Shelalas and Grand British Decibel  |  Iguana

8pm  |  Late Night CAF: Moss Freed and Guests  |  The Hillary Step


Monday 18 May

1–2pm  |  Music At Lunchtime: Chris Orton nnd Charlotte Wilson  |  St Clement’s Church

7.30pm  |  The Tempest  |  Blue Box Theatre

7.30pm  |  The Hatherley String Quartet  |  St Clement’s Church

8pm  |  Elaine Bousfield: Book Launch  |  The Lloyds Hotel (Upstairs)

8.30pm  |  Growling Fruitcake and The Mad Donnas  |  The Lauriston Club

8.30pm  |  Mirth On Monday  |  Iguana

9pm  |  Chorlton Fiddlers  |  The Lloyds Hotel

9.30pm  |  Late Night CAF: Microphonia Band Night  |  Uluru


Tuesday 19 May

1–2pm  |  Music At Lunchtime: Katie Riddle and Charlotte Walls  |  St Clement’s Church

1.45pm  |  Creative Writing Workshop: Elaine Bousfield (Not Public)  |  Chorlton High School

7–8.30pm  |  Flick Film Festival  |  Iguana

7.30pm  |  The Tempest (Performance 2)  |  Blue Box Theatre

7.30pm  |  The Crozian Ensemble  |  St Clement’s Church

7.30pm  |  Yemaya: Indigo Spring  |  Wilbraham St Ninian’s Church

8pm  |  Jazz @ Croma: Alice Zawadzki and Dan Whieldon  |  Croma

8pm  |  Manchester Irish Writers: A Trip Round Ireland In Verse  |  The Irish Association Club

8pm  |  Tango Night With Frambuesas  |  Chorlton Conservative Club

9pm  |  Ice Band and Storyville  |  The Lloyds Hotel

9pm  |  The Red House Band Night  |  The Royal Oak (Upstairs)

8.30pm  |  Open Mic With MC Michaela Followed By......  |  Iguana

10pm  |  Late Night CAF: Hannah Atkins  |  Iguana


Wednesday 20 May

10.30am–12 noon  |  Coffee Morning With The Ellesmere String Quartet  |  St Werburgh’s Church

6–1–2pm  |  Music At Lunchtime: Intriplicate  |  St Clement’s Church

7pm  |  Workshop: How To Become Someone In The Music Business  |  Chorlton Library Meeting Room

7.30pm  |  Chorlton Young Musician Of The Year 2009  |  Blue Box Theatre

7.30pm  |  Manchester Road Players: Out Of Order  |  Chorlton Methodist Church Theatre

7.30pm  |  Torbay Road Book Club: The Bird Room By Chris Killen  |  Lead Station (Upstairs)

7.30pm  |  The Voice Collective and Manchester Community Choir  |  St Clement’s Church

7.30pm  |  Manky In The Cellar: Poetry and Music  |  The Spread Eagle Cellar

8pm  |  Playback Theatre Manchester  |  The Lloyds Hotel (Upstairs)

9pm  |  Slightly Left Of Centre  |  The Hillary Step

9.30pm  |  Late Night CAF: Uncle Meat’s Feast  |  Chorlton Conservative Club


Thursday 21 May

1–2pm  |  Music At Lunchtime: Shebeen  |  St Clement’s Church

7.30pm  |  Lipservice: Tony and Twizzle The Glory Years  |  Blue Box Theatre

7.30pm  |  Manchester Road Players: Out Of Order (Performance 2)  |  Chorlton Methodist Church Theatre

7.30pm  |  The Manchester Reed Trio  |  Wilbraham St Ninian’s Church

8pm  |  Robert Graham: Book Preview  |  The Lloyds Hotel (Upstairs)

8pm  |  Chorlton Telling Tales Festival Showcase  |  Chopin Bar

8.30pm  |  Chorlton Film Institute: Juno  |  St Clement’s Church

9pm  |  The Bourbon Street Preachers  |  The Lloyds Hotel

9pm  |  Chorlton Folk Club: Dylan Night #3 Unplugged Night  |  South Manchester Cricket Club

9.30pm  |  Late Night CAF – Sound Of The Suburbs  |  Abode


Friday 22 May

1–2pm  |  Music At Lunchtime: Paul Richard Chapman And Sarah Murphy  |  St Clement’s Church

7–8pm  |  Chorlton Youth Theatre  |  St Werburgh’s Church Hall

7.30pm  |  Singalonga Mamma Mia  |  Blue Box Theatre

7.30pm  |  Alessandra Pompili: Recital  |  St Werburgh’s Church

7.30pm  |  Manchester Road Players: Out Of Order (Performance 3)  |  Chorlton Methodist Church Theatre

8–9pm  |  The Shudderbins: Moody Money  |  Chorlton Conservative Club

9pm  |  The Simon Mulcaster Trio  |  The Lloyds Hotel

9.30pm  |  The Dog-Eared Collective: The Apocalypse Roadshow  |  The Lloyds Hotel (Upstairs)

9.30pm  |  Blowout Band Night  |  The Irish Association Club

9.30pm  |  Late Night CAF: Luke and The Dukes  |  Iguana


Saturday 23 May

11.30am–1.30pm  |  Workshop: Singing In Circles  |  Chorlton Library Meeting Room

11–1.30pm  |  Children’s Flick Cinema: Ratatouille  |  St Clement’s Church Youth Centre

1–2pm  |  Music At Lunchtime: Mike Hall and Dan Whieldon  |  St Clement’s Church

2–5pm  |  Art In The Park  |  Beech Road Park

7.30pm  |  Courtney Pine: Transition In Tradition  |  St Clement’s Church

10pm  |  Last Night Party With Jazz and Swing From Shakedown  |  The Lloyds Hotel

9pm–midnight  |  Rare As A Green Dog  |  St John’s Parish Centre


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