As The Crow Flies




Saturday 21 May, 2016 - 13.00, 14.30, 16.00

Tickets £3 / £1.50 available here and on the door

Our story begins in a town on top of a hill, surrounded by a deep, dark forest. We emerge through thickly knotted branches on a journey to unknown destinations unwinding like a thickly bound spool of yarn.

As the Crow Flies is a tale of unexpected characters and extraordinary feats, performed using a Crankie shadow theatre. With intricate illustrations, storytelling and music, this is an intimate show for audiences of all ages. A Crankie is a tool used in storytelling, powered by cranking a handle it works by unwinding a story rolled up inside a box.

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2 thoughts on “As The Crow Flies

  1. mandy says:

    The location for the show is just detailed as Mono, could you let me know the address.


  2. philip says:

    Hi, Mono is at 535 Wilbraham Road, Chorlton-Cum-Hardy, Manchester M21 0UE

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