Cherry and the Ox


The Lloyd's


Sunday 29 May, 2016 - 19.00

Free – registration essential here

‘Animals should be shot with the camera not the gun.’

Enter the surreal, comical and poignant world of naturalists Richard and Cherry Kearton. Set in 1901, this is the time of fin de siècle with science and natural history entering a period of enlightened change, while society is firmly rooted in tradition.

This is a story about two brothers whose passion for wildlife and photography freed them from the shackles of their class and propelled them into a life less ordinary, subsequently becoming an inspiration to those that followed and ultimately changing how humans perceive the natural world.

We join the Kearton brothers in their ingenious hides (culminating in a stuffed Ox) as they discuss the world, the theories of Darwin, the British Empire and the science of photography along with their rise from humble Yorkshire gamekeeper’s sons to published authors and acclaimed photographers.

A new commission by Mike Chavez-Dawson and JT Chavez for Chorlton Arts Festival as part of Theatre Exterior.

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2 thoughts on “Cherry and the Ox

  1. can I reserve 3 tickets please? How long is the performance? Thanks!

  2. philip says:

    Hi Mark. Tickets just need to be reserved via our ticketing system here: The show is approximately one hour. Thanks!

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