Happy Spontaneous Me – Yoga Workshop


Chorlton Central Church


Tuesday 24 May, 2016 - 19.15 - 21.15

Tickets £8 / £6 available from theyogalifeproject.co.uk or 07808 501765

Another chance to take part in the YogaLife Project’s inspirational creative, yoga-in-action workshop led by architect, artist and yoga teacher Mick Timpson. The workshop will use gentle, flowing yoga, breathing, posture and yogic mindfulness concentration techniques inviting your imagination to go on a journey of creative self-realisation. Through meditative and mindful mark making and drawing of spontaneous lines, strokes and colour, we will explore what it means to be in the flow, free, moment by moment.

Happy Spontaneous Me is for everyone. You don’t need any drawing or yoga experience. That is the whole point of the workshop. Join us and experience a new reality of being and doing.

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