Ian G Tattersall: Art Psychotherapist


The Spoon Inn


From: Thursday 19 May, 2016  To: Sunday 29 May, 2016


PREVIEW: Thursday 19 May, 19.00 – 21.00

Ian’s work evolves around how it feels to be a human being, and in how feelings can embody themselves in a piece of art. In this way some of his work is reflective of what ‘psychological tissue’ might look like.

The themes emerge from unconsciously made, expressive charcoal drawings, or mono types – just whatever imagery falls out onto the page. These are then mixed up using kaleidoscope or mirror camera filters which create a whole new world which Ian then develops in to finished pictures. The pictures do not necessarily have to have a top or bottom and Ian has to decide which way up to hang them.

His work is metamorphic and appreciates the accidental or unconscious element which often leads to some self-discovery.



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