Laura Esther + Ben Hughes + The Woo Woos


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Thursday 26 May, 2016 - 19.30 doors


Laura Esther is a French singer songwriter based in Manchester. Laura’s music is firmly rooted in the Soul genre but the use of instruments such as violin, bouzouki and darbuka gives the music an unexpected twist. With Laura’s own French background her tunes take on a truly international flavour.
“Laura has a golden voice which sounds as if she has been plucked right out of a jazz club in the 1950s…..she is a very honest performer and she expresses it really well, as a crowd member you are on her side the entire time” Liam McClair from Out in The Crowd blog

Ben Hughes smaller

What happens if you take the virtuosic finger guitar style of Tommy Emmanuel, combine it with lush soundscape backdrops reminiscent of Ben Howard, Jon Hopkins and Nightmares On Wax, but throw in the hard hitting beats of acts such as Imagine Dragons just for good measure?  Blending these diverse musical influences cohesively, Liverpool artist Ben Hughes’s music is like nothing you’ve heard before. A self taught guitar maestro beginning at just five years old, to watch him play is to watch a master at work. You can see why all the blood, sweat and tears has affectionately earned him the title ‘The Machine’ and ‘Crazy Fingers’ to his peers and fans alike. He is a formidable performer and is the real deal. Not to be missed.

The Woo Woos

Michelle Vecht has been enchanting audiences with her acoustic set of magically, deep, folk song writing, since 2014. Her friendship and collaboration with Manchester gigging veterans Rob, Ben and Rich has produced a surprising, creative musical partnership. Drawing influences from finger picking Americana and rock psychedelic, The Woo Woos, paint with a wide pallet of deep textures, taking audiences to extremes of haunting soundtracks and supercharged power ballads, mixing in a bit of kraut rock and accessible pop on the way. After playing some live shows in 2015, The Woo Woos are eager to play larger venues this year. The Woo Woos are Michelle Vecht, Ben Warren, Rob Davison and Rich Pratt.

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