The Lloyd's


Sunday 29 May, 2016 - 14.00

Tickets: Free but registration essential here

There are two types of ticket. Everyone books a Standard ticket. On arrival, you could earn an Elite ticket. We need your help to tell a story. The story of a girl from ‘Lowground’, woven from spider web, and a boy from ‘Highground’ carved from clouds.

Standards help to create the action; making webs out of string, clouds out of cotton wool, and thunder and lightning from pots, pans and paper. The best Standards get promoted, and become Elites.

Elites vote on which paths our heroes take – through the desert or the forest, travel at night or in the day, look for treasure or look for love. They could also vote to send a Standard out for drinks. Elites make the big decisions. But that’s okay – they’ve earned it. Right?

Standard:Elite is an anarchic mix of storytelling and interactive theatre that explores class, privilege and community in a playful, accessible way. Each choice has a consequence and every action creates a unique world.

A new commission by Hidden Track Theatre for Chorlton Arts Festival as part of Theatre Exterior.

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