The ART of the Everyday: The Kitchen Table & 20:16 exhibitions


Jame Street Cafe & Bar, 209 Upper Chorlton Road Whalley Range M16 0BH


From: Saturday 20 May, 2017  To: Monday 29 May, 2017

THE KITCHEN TABLE – a ┬ádurable oilcloth tablecloth created from images of my own kitchen table in many different states of cleanliness, mess, clutter and uses highlighting how we feel the need to hide certain aspects of our lives and create an illusion that we are holding everything together in perfect harmony. Yet it is the mess and mistakes that reveal our humanity, beautiful and creative inclusive of all our flaws. ┬áThis tablecloth is not placed to hide the stains or dirt underneath, or to protect the surface, instead it is presented to encourage a new freedom, beauty and expression in the reality of everyday life and a recognition that all the different aspects of our lives contribute to who we are.

20:16 is the final piece created from a year long photo documentary project. The installation of the photos will take on a sculptural form as all 366 images will be stitched together in order to create a long spiral from that will wrap round itself so you can see the progression and changes of light throughout the year but also referencing the thoughts that many have felt 2016 to be a year that has lost control, yet still grounded by the stability of an image taken consistently at the same time each day.

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