The Manchester Shakespeare Company: Twelve Nights


Chorlton Library


Saturday 28 May, 2016 - 19.30

Tickets £4 available here

Twelve Nights tells the story of Horsina Pilton, a rich, successful businesswoman, desperately lovesick for the dishy film actor Oliver De Tabloids who is holed up in the penthouse suite of the Mancia Pilton Hotel, jealously guarded by his overbearing PA Malcolm Fabrese.

Meanwhile, Oliver’s boozy Aunt Tia Maria is also trying to get access to Oliver so she can marry him off to her air-headed Valley Girl protege Andrea Palemuscht.

The arrival of twins Sebastian and Viola only adds to the complications as Horsina sends Sebastian (disguised as Sebrina) to woo Oliver on her behalf, with hilarious and disturbing consequences for everybody.

Set in the world of the Former United Kingdom, Twelve Nights is a mad musical exploration of love, loss and lunacy. Will love conquer all?

For ages 12+

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