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The annual Chorlton Arts Festival is back, featuring a quirky and colourful programme of music, comedy, theatre, and more.. Running from 20-29 May, the CAF is one of the UK’s leading regional arts festivals, celebrating local art and uniting some of the most unique artists from the area. As usual, there’s a huge programme of events. But here are a few highlights to mull over for now…


Ordsall Acapella Singers

Ordsall Acappella Singers

The Ordsall Acappella Singers are a 50-person community choir, singing totally without any backing (hence the ‘acappella’). Their diverse repertoire ranges from classical to classic rock, upbeat pop and lullabies, traditional and newly composed pieces. PLUS, they usually feed the audience cake! Need I say more? Well, it all started about 10 years ago when a few people gathered together in the Neighbourhood Centre in Ordsall to start a small choir. Since that day, numerous rehearsals, concerts and competitions have shaped a large, award-winning Acappella group! The choir have sung at events such as the Salford Ceremonial Mayor’s investiture and Victoria Baths open days, competitions throughout the UK, and productions at Home Theatre and Manchester Museum. Don’t miss Ordsall Acappella Singers (or their cake)!



Bard Company

This is an event that promises fun for the whole family with a set to entertain all ages. Bard Company is a poetry, comedy and music combo of four local poets and comedians who between them perform a selection of poems, songs and comedy sketches. The group includes poets Ian Whiteley (Rocky), Gordon Zola (Cheesy), Jeffarama! (Punky) and comedian Tony Kinsella (Bolshie).  This will be one to remember.


Laughter Yoga workshop

Laughter Yoga

What is laughter yoga, you ask? Well, I did a wee bit of research myself and the textbook definition is: a practice involving prolonged, voluntary laughter. Well, what does that mean? It’s based on the belief that voluntary laughter provides the same benefits as spontaneous laughter.  So basically, during the light exercise session you will laugh for no reason! Laughter Yoga is a series of very simple cardiovascular exercises, breathing, clapping, childlike playfulness and laughing. Forced laughter will soon turn into real and contagious laughter. So in one word, this session will be… FUN!  Lead by Laugh Captain, Maria, you are pretty much guaranteed a good time. Join in the fun at this workshop for a ‘ha-ha-ha’lariously good time. I will definitely be stopping by this one.

Stay tuned for more festival event highlights…and get ready. CAF will be here before you know it!

Margaret Powell





Stay tuned for more festival event highlights…and get ready. CAF will be here before you know it!

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