Chorlton Arts Festival is changing …

After 15 years, we have taken the exciting decision to make some changes here at Chorlton Arts Festival.

We have always been an ambitious festival run by a small team and some amazing volunteers. This team encompasses passion for the arts and for creating an exciting event for both Chorlton and outside visitors alike. Over 15 years we have done a lot with very little, and very proud we are too.

After all this history, we now feel we can do more. We feel it’s important for us to create a more sustainable event and to work on new ideas to support artists, the local community and our creative programme.

We are looking to the future and a bigger, better and more locally engaged arts festival and we’d like your thoughts. Keep an eye put for our Festival programme, with details of a community meeting to share ideas about our Festival’s future.

What an adventure this promises to be….


Chorlton Arts Festival for 2017…

As a result of this decision, we’ve decided to run a scaled down version of the Chorlton Arts Festival this year. We’ll be running the very popular Chorlton Weekender and possibly some other funding raising events later in the year.

Further details will be announced here.

Nicola Lawton


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