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There are various advertising packages available with the festival, ranging from adverts in our brochure, which is posted through over 15,000 letterboxes in Chorlton, to advertising on our website which received over 30,000 unique views in 2012.

For further information and prices please see below , or email:


The one-stop-shop for Festival event information and ticket purchases: More than 30,000 unique page views in 2012. There is a limit to the amount of advertising space available on the website, and as such all adverts will be featured on every page viewed.


Headline banner, throughout site £800

Side square (max 3), throughout site £375



Essential reading for Festival audiences: this 16 page, full colour brochure (newspaper style) includes the full Festival programme, map and much more.

Over 20,000 copies are distributed to over 200 outlets including selected city centre locations and through every letterbox in Chorlton.

It has a six week shelf life and is read by an estimated 85,000 people.


Back cover size 248 x 165mm portrait £1500

Inside front page size 248 x 165mm portrait £1400

Full page ad size 248 x 165mm portrait £1200

1/2 page ad size 121 x 165mm landscape £650

1/4 page ad 121 x 80.5mm portrait £350



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